As a man who has been with my fair share of Jamaican women, I can confidently say that there is power in the vagina, or as we say in Jamaica, the “pum pum.” Women have been blessed with one of the most powerful negotiating tools, and it makes perfect sense to use it to bargain for safer sex practices, including condom use. This blog aims to provide insights on how women can safely negotiate condom use to empower themselves and make safer sex a sexy choice.

Condom Use

In Jamaica, women are often categorized as a vulnerable population, meaning they may not have the ability to assert their preferences and make informed decisions, especially when it comes to safe sex practices. Unfortunately, the percentage of condom use in Jamaica is still low, often determined by the preference of men who may not want to use them. This gives men the power to choose whether or not to use condoms, putting women at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy. However, this narrative can be changed, and the power can be shifted from the penis to the vagina. Women can and should take charge of their sexual health by using their pum pum power to negotiate for condom use.

How to Use the Power

Jamaican women are often regarded as the sexiest in the world, but what is missing is the art of negotiating for safer sex practices. Women need to know that their pum pum can be a powerful tool to negotiate condom use. By using their pum pum power, women can demand condom use in any sexual encounter, whether it’s a long-term relationship, casual relationship, or a fling. Negotiating can be challenging, but when you put something on the table and negotiate with it, you have the power to shape the terms and conditions in your favor. Say no to unprotected sex, and use your pum pum power to make condom use a sexy and empowering choice.

Never forget that women have the power to negotiate condom use and make safer sex a sexy choice. By using their pum pum power, women can demand condom use and take charge of their sexual health. Remember, safer is sexier, and there is nothing more empowering than making informed decisions about your body and health. 

How to Get the Power

All women have the power but some might have problems channeling the power, and some might need help to get it out and get the power to the right place, but I say to you don’t worry I have put a list of places that you can get help channeling that power (Empowered) see the list below and if all fail, just make sure you are with the right partner that respect, cherish and love you enough to put your sexual health first. 

Eve for Life

1 (876) 831-8559


(876) 925-0021-2

AHF Jamaica