First, let’s begin by saying that we are tired of all these new infections, region-wide, nationwide, and oh especially Island-wide. Our little ‘piece of rock’ that sits in the Caribbean Sea that we call Jamaica cannot take any more pandemics or epidemics, especially this new one called Monkeypox. We just want to live and live easy the Jamaican style- “No problem, man!”. 

“Mek Wi Reason bout Monkeypox”

So Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by infection with the Monkeypox virus. The monkeypox virus is part of the same family of viruses as the variola virus, the virus that causes smallpox. (www.CDC.govIf infected with Monkeypox, sadly your skin will have a breakout of lesions, bumps, and sores, more over you will also start to have flu-like symptoms or symptoms associated with having the fever or a common cold. The way of transmission of Monkeypox is mostly by “physical touch”. Oh YES! That does include sex. So, Although Monkeypox is not an STI it can be passed on sexually. 


Well, by now we know that herpes is a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) that is passed on by having unprotected sex, the signs of genital herpes can be sores, rashes, or lesions mostly on or around the genitals. Herpes cannot be cured and will have flare-ups time after time due to your body and or your environment. You can go to the nearest health center or come visit us at 183 Hagley Park Road if you think you are infected with Herpes or any other STI. 

Not to Confuse the two

So now we know what is Monkeypox and we now know what is Herpes, so let’s not confuse the two. Monkeypox although can be transmitted sexually is not an STI. If infected with Monkeypox, you may develop rashes, sores, and lesions all over the body. A Herpes infection may cause rashes, sores, or lesions that may appear around your genital area. If you are infected with Monkeypox you have to be quarantined away from everyone, whilst if you are infected with Herpes you do not have to be quarantined nor do you have to stay away from your loved ones. 

Wrap it up! Mask it up!

The truth is prevention is always better than cure. so to prevent transmission of the Monkeypox Virus, by wearing a condom during sex, yes during sex. Stay 6ft away from people (physical distance social), and wear a mask and or proper PPEs if you have to. While on the other hand if you are infected with Herpes, to limit that transmission use a condom every time or stick to one faith uninfected partner.